Benefits of Choosing a Kitchen Table Instead of an Island

Benefits of Choosing a Kitchen Table Instead of an Island | Duvall & Co.

In many homes, the kitchen sees more use than any other room. It’s a place where people gather, entertain, eat, prepare meals, and make memories. It needs to be functional but maintain a sense of charm and style. 

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One long-standing approach for achieving that balance of style and function is the kitchen island—but there is another option: a kitchen table. The expert custom furniture makers over at Duvall & Co. offered to explain some of the benefits using a dining room table as a kitchen island offers for homeowners. Here’s what they had to say:

Why You Should Use a Kitchen Table Instead of an Island

No Installation Costs

Kitchen island installation is a major remodeling process that requires the help of an expert and a forgiving budget. Choosing to use a kitchen table instead of an island eliminates both the cost and hassle of hiring a contractor. Plus, you don’t have to find a way to cook while your kitchen is being renovated.

Creative Design Options

Choosing a kitchen table instead of an island affords more opportunity to add a creative edge to your kitchen decor. Table designs are endless. You can choose from live edge tables to industrial style tables with complementary benches and everything in between. Islands offer some stylish features that blend into a kitchen’s overall aesthetic but aren’t available in nearly as many styles. 

More Comfortable

According to Steven Gdula, author of “The Warmest Room in the House: How the Kitchen Became the Heart of the Twentieth-Century American Home,” kitchen islands can have a casual aspect, but sharing meals around a kitchen table is more intimate.

For some people, islands don’t offer comfortable seating options. They are usually tall, with countertops over 36 inches high to allow people to stand and utilize the surface comfortably. That means that chairs or bar stools have to be tall, as well. The extra height isn’t comfortable for shorter users, and the island’s closed-off section beneath the counter can prevent leg-crossing.

A dining table alleviates all the above. Seating can be lower to the ground, allowing people to sit with their feet on the floor. Those who are more comfortable sitting with crossed legs can do so freely because there is no obstruction beneath the table preventing it.


Dining tables come with flexibility kitchen islands don’t. Islands are immovable unless you use a smaller, store-bought model on wheels. You can move a table around to make the most of your floor space. 

For example, you can position it to separate the kitchen from the dining room in an open layout or install an extension leaf to enlarge the table for family gatherings. You can also swap your table for a new one if you want to change things up without having to deal with the renovation process all over again. 

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