Best Wood for Custom Charcuterie Boards

Best Wood for Custom Charcuterie Boards | Duvall & Co.

Nothing says celebration like a handmade charcuterie board. A custom charcuterie board is an ideal gift for birthdays, holidays, or realtor gifts that will be remembered for years to come. A quality charcuterie board is the life of the party, whether you’re entertaining a houseful of people or just staying in for the night. 

Best Wood for Custom Charcuterie Boards | Duvall & Co.

Light, easy to share, and sure to please, a charcuterie board is an indispensable kitchen accent piece. Choosing the best wood for your custom charcuterie board is an added element not many people think about—they just assume it comes off the beltline. 

Duvall & Co. will help you find the best shape and wood for a custom charcuterie board statement piece. A non-porous wood like hard maple or American cherry is best suited for charcuterie boards. Olive or acacia woods are also viable options for a charcuterie board. Another popular option is slate. 

Duvall & Co. works with all hardwood types. Most pieces are handcrafted from solid furniture-grade maple. Other wood species available upon request include: 

  • black walnut 
  • white oak 
  • reclaimed barn wood

Presentation is everything, especially when crafting a charcuterie board. At Duvall & Co., the best woods are hand-selected to tell a story with their natural beauty. Inspiration happens at the table. 

The best custom charcuterie boards handmade in Wake Forest, North Carolina, and the wider 06010 area include:

Rectangular Charcuterie Board 

Handmade of black walnut, maple, and bloodwood, the rectangular charcuterie measures roughly 18” × 11” and can be customized with engraved initials. 

Some may also use their rectangular charcuterie board as a cutting board. In this case, walnut wood is another wonderful option. Walnut is considered self-healing and can be naturally antibacterial with routine maintenance. 

Circular Charcuterie Board 

These measure roughly 19.5″ in diameter, 26 ” long with handle, and 1.5″ thick. A circular charcuterie board adds further elegance to your custom Duvall & Co. table for a complete kitchen. 

A rustic circular charcuterie board is an eye-catching accent. Its natural grains make for a functional and organic piece of art. 

Engraved Charcuterie Board 

Take your custom charcuterie board to the next level and personalize it with laser-engraved initials on any charcuterie board. A handmade charcuterie board makes a special wedding or housewarming gift. 

Handcrafted pieces from Duvall & Co. are built to last a lifetime. Regardless of how you chose to design your custom charcuterie board, they serve as timeless gifts or accents in the kitchen. 

About Duvall & Co.

Duvall & Co. is a boutique custom furniture design studio for residential and commercial spaces.

Based in Wake Forest, North Carolina, Duvall & Co. believes life happens at the table. Only top-quality pieces of wood are chosen with total consideration of depth and character. Everything is made to order, so the possibilities, in terms of modifications, are endless. 

Best Wood for Custom Charcuterie Boards | Duvall & Co.

Each handcrafted piece of furniture is finished with the finest commercial finishes that enhance the natural beauty of the wood’s grain and color variations. Duvall & Co. uses only real wood and real craftsmanship to build one-of-a-kind pieces built to serve your family for generations.