Local Furniture Company Crafts Custom Pieces

Local Furniture Company Crafts Custom Pieces | Duvall & Co.

Duvall & Co designs and handcrafts custom furniture, including tables, desks, doors, benches, and conference tables. The unique designs, best quality materials and craftsmanship, and customer service have gained the company’s local and national attention.

Owner David Duvall explains the mission at Duvall & Co, saying, “Duvall & Co is a custom furniture design and build a studio. There is no average or normal job that comes across the table. People have forgotten what real furniture is. They have become accustomed to a big box. The truth is the big box furniture is manufactured overseas. It’s particleboard covered with veneer. It’s not real furniture. What we are doing is designing and building solid hardwood furniture that will last forever.”

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Duvall & Co is co-owned by husband and wife team David and Danielle “Dani” Duvall. While the Duvalls never intended to start a custom furniture business, David had always enjoyed wood-working and refinishing antiques, and Dani had always had a passion for interior design. In high school, David worked as a carpenter’s assistant. The experience ignited a passion for David and drove him to hone his furniture design and build skills.

In December 2012, Dani encouraged David to put some of his work on Craigslist to see if anyone would want a custom dining table or bed. Today the Duvall & Co design and build a studio in downtown Wake Forest boasts a growing collection of custom designs, several full-time employees, and a rapidly expanding social media fan base.

Customer Involvement From Start to Finish

Customers can begin their Duvall & Co journey with a visit to the online gallery or the Design Studio at the storefront. The image genius of staff photographer and furniture builder, Josh Hollar, is evident in every photograph.

Because Duvall & Co custom-builds every piece to order, an unlimited number of modifications can be made to each design. After visiting the studio and talking with the Duvalls, many customers are inspired to create a custom piece in collaboration with the design team.

The designer and the client engage in a collaborative effort to design the perfect piece. Duvall comments about the design process, “At that point, we all will sit down with a sketchpad and paper and draw out ideas. When they are happy, we say, ‘Alright, let’s build it!’”

The Build Process

With the design and wood selection settled, the craftsmen carefully hand select each piece of wood and cut it to the raw length. Next, the artisans start the process of ripping, planing, joining, cutting, and sanding until the piece is finished.

Painting the Underside of the Table Red

The signature trademark of a Duvall & Co table is the underside of the table, which is painted bright red. Duvall explains the origin of the practice. “My great grandfather was a furniture builder. The original table and chairs that my grandfather built for my mother when she was a toddler are painted bright red. That’s why the underside of every table is painted bright red. We have our customers come in, and we paint their hands white. They put their handprints on the underside of the table.”

Crafting an Heirloom and a Legacy

The table, as a piece of furniture, is an heirloom. The custom design, exquisite woods, and the finest craftsmanship make it so. Handprints and signatures, some tiny and others large, create the legacy. Sturdy and strong, the table will endure the test of time.

Dani Duvall expresses her passion for the tables they build, stating, “I love that we are creating these amazing, beautiful real pieces for families, pieces that are made to last, made to be passed down.”

Customer service does not stop when the table is finished. Duvall & Co delivers the table to its destination. Designer, photographer and builder Josh Hollar enjoys this part of the Duvall & Co journey. He says, “We get to take the table to the customer’s home and see how happy they are. I like it. It’s fun!”

Life Happens at the Table

The table is a hub of activity in a home; it is where life happens. The Duvalls believe that the table is a special piece of furniture.

David Duvall articulates his thoughts about life, inspiration, family, and work happening at the table. “We believe that a lot of special things happen around the table—where you ask your spouse’s father for her hand in marriage, where you tell grandma and grandpa they were going to be grandparents for the first time, where you do homework with the kids, where you sit with the kids and fill out college applications. So many special things happen around the table. We feel like the table should be something special. It’s part of the family.”

Local and National Recognition

The Duvall & Co passion for the trade has not gone unnoticed. Duvall & Co has worked closely with HOUZZ and HGTV personalities Jonathan and Drew Scott from The Property Brothers, as well as with Leanne Ford from Restored By The Fords.

At the local level, they have been featured in Our State, Midtown Magazine, and Cary Living. Midtown Magazine and Cary Living interviewed Dani Duvall about live edge tables. The article, “6 Home Design Trends for Your Next Renovation Project,” appeared in both magazines.

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Our State featured David Duvall and Duvall & Co in the article, “Meet the Maker: Duvall and Co.” The article explored the design and build process of making custom handcrafted tables and other furniture. In the article and video, David Duvall brought to life the stories of the wood used in his custom-made tables built to be passed down for generations.

For more information about custom hardwood furniture in Wake Forest, NC, visit the Duvall & Co website at duvallco.com. Contact the Design Studio by phone at (919) 819-8377 or by email at [email protected]