Showcasing the Gabriella Trestle Table From Duvall & Co.

Showcasing the Gabriella Trestle Table From Duvall & Co. | Duvall & Co.

The hardwood trestle table is a furniture piece with a rich history spanning centuries. A home decor blog writes, “Though rooted in medieval times, this simple, stylish table is a natural fit in today’s home. The table’s earliest versions — wood planks rested on trestles– showed up during the middle ages. Portability was key, since people back then didn’t have dedicated dining rooms. Later they morphed into proper tables used in monasteries and then into the gorgeous centerpiece found in the modern home today.”

While the present-day homeowner bears little resemblance to the royalty of medieval times, the trestle table is still an ideal setting for a feast with family and friends. The trestle table has a timeless quality and a subtle rustic character that make for a versatile piece of furniture.

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Selecting the right dining table is essential when the homeowner is weaving together all the elements of the ideal interior design. A balance of stylish appeal and everyday functionality is the key to choosing a dining table that proves to be the best fit for a family.

Interior design studio Decor Aid highlights the centrality of the dining room table. “No matter the size of your home, it goes without saying that some of the most memorable events in your home happen at your dining room table. Remember all of those great nights eating in surrounded by loved ones, working, talking, doing projects, and catching up with friends. But how do you find the best dining room table? Think about it this way, besides your sofa or your bed, no other piece of furniture reflects your lifestyle and times any better. So finding the best dining room table is essential in creating a comforting and inviting scene. You should want your dining room table to be attractive, sure. But you should also be on the hunt for a dining room table that is comfortable, one that reflects your personal style, and one that will last for years to come.”

The Gabriella Trestle Table from Duvall & Co.

The Gabriella Trestle Table is one of the best selling table models that Duvall & Co. has designed. With a refined blend of flowing and geometric lines, this piece of furniture is an artful display of elegance and craftsmanship.

Each top is a solid 1 1/2” of furniture-grade wood, and each pedestal is made from a solid 8” x 8” woodblock that is cut out by a talented artisan. The Gabriella Trestle Table has a raised stretcher running between the bases that adds stability to the design.

This classic design fits perfectly in almost any style of home and can provide a sense of sophistication to a breakfast nook or a formal dining room. The Gabriella Trestle Table is built in various sizes so that people who are interested in the table can select the size that best fits the space constraints of their home. Standard sizes include:

  • 72”
  • 84”
  • 96”
  • 108”
  • 120”

Because the Duvall & Co. team custom-builds each piece of hardwood furniture to order, a limitless number of modifications can be made to a table. If the client wants a Gabriella Trestle Table built to custom size specifications, the design and build team will strive to create the customer’s dream table.

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Many table owners choose to forgo a stain for their table, but others prefer to have their table stained. Duvall & Co. offers a selection of beautiful stains, including the following:

  • American Walnut
  • Bourbon
  • Dark Walnut
  • Driftwood
  • Early American
  • English Chestnut

Once the table is built, it is hand-finished using commercial finishes of the highest quality. These finishing products enhance the innate beauty of the wood’s unique color and grain.

If customers are interested in using reclaimed wood or a wood species other than maple or black walnut, they are encouraged to email Duvall & Co. and discuss all the gorgeous wood options that are available to them. The design and build team regularly works with reclaimed wood and builds furniture from all solid hardwoods. In addition, the customer can pair the Gabriella Trestle Table with the matching Gabriella bench.

For more information about hardwood dining tables, email the Design Studio at [email protected] or call Duvall & Co. at (919) 819-8377.