Showcasing the La Jolla Table from Duvall & Co.

Showcasing the La Jolla Table from Duvall & Co. | Duvall & Co.

When people think of a contemporary, elegant table design, concrete may not be the first material that comes to mind. However, concrete furniture has recently experienced a surge in popularity, and people are recognizing that this humble medium has rich design potential.

Concrete’s appeal comes from its versatility. The Spruce notes, “Although concrete may seem like a cold, flat material, it actually has this astounding way of creating a neutral backdrop for almost any design style—farmhouse, Bohemian, industrial, minimalist, to name a few.”

One way to introduce a concrete feature into an interior design is to invest in a dining table that incorporates concrete elements. “For a dining table that has an outside-the-box vibe, look to concrete. It offers a solid surface for family dinners, acts as a neutral stage for tabletop decor, and can be handmade by concrete companies, artisans, or custom-ordered online.”

As a custom furniture maker, Duvall & Co. understands that the days of buying furniture from a big-box retailer are slowly fading away. People do not want uniform, mass-produced furniture that is made from particleboard and covered by veneer. Rather, homeowners are choosing custom pieces that reflect the individuality of their family and complement the overall interior design of their home.

David Duvall, CEO of Duvall & Co., explains, “The educated consumer is not interested in having a table that is one of 10,000 just like it. They want one of a kind. This is really where our company stands out.”

Recognizing the shift towards unique, custom furniture, the Duvall & Co. Design Studio has crafted a line of tables that incorporate concrete, color, and the finest hardwoods to create sophisticated, contemporary pieces. One of the standout tables from this line is the La Jolla table.

The La Jolla Table From Duvall & Co.

An original design by Duvall & Co., the La Jolla table mixes concrete and a black walnut live edge slab to create a modern statement piece. The strength of the cool gray concrete is balanced by the warmth of the swirling coffee and cream hardwood, which flows through the center of the table. In contrast to some of Duvall & Co.’s other concrete tables, which have a more commanding presence, the La Jolla has a delicate quality, and people might be surprised that such an effect can be achieved with concrete. Graceful and subtle, the La Jolla table redefines what a concrete table can look like.

La Jolla Table

Dani Duvall, co-founder of Duvall & Co. and wife to David, shares the story behind the table. “The La Jolla table has a modern California design vibe, so we decided to name it after a town in California. We chose the relaxed seaside village of La Jolla in Southern California.”

The “California vibe” takes inspiration from a range of diverse influences to create a style that is fresh and lively. The aesthetic of the Golden State is at once both upscale and refined yet easygoing and approachable. According to, “The California aesthetic combines a mixture of influences ranging from coastal chic and mid-century modern to Mediterranean and bohemian, but when it all comes together, it creates an ambiance that is distinctly Californian.”

Not only is the La Jolla table a beautiful conversation piece, but it is also exceptionally practical and durable, like all of the pieces from Duvall & Co. In fact, it is in the practical aspects that the benefits of concrete truly shine. Concrete is low-maintenance and can be cleaned easily with soap and water. The hardy durability of the material makes concrete furniture heat and scratch-resistant. A concrete dining table would be ideal for a family that is looking for a table that can withstand daily wear yet still be visually attractive. The motto at Duvall & Co. is “Life happens at the table,” so the design and build team ensures that each table model will easily endure everyday use.

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