Showcasing the Oliver Turned-Leg Table From Duvall & Co.

Showcasing the Oliver Turned-Leg Table From Duvall & Co. | Duvall & Co.

One of the most refined designs at Duvall & Co. is the Oliver Turned-Leg Table. This classic farmhouse style table is crafted from rich maple or dark, luxurious walnut, both gorgeous furniture-quality wood.

Modern and traditional woodworking techniques are employed in the making of this table. A turned-leg table refers to the process used to fashion the elegant legs of the table. The furniture artisan shapes the smooth, flowing design of the table leg by turning the wood on a tool called a lathe. The legs of the Oliver Turned-Leg Table are hand-turned locally in North Carolina and are attached to the table frame with expert joinery that produces the strongest possible joints.

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This beautiful hardwood dining table can be paired with the Oliver Bench from Duvall & Co., a furniture piece that perfectly complements the Oliver Turned-Leg Table. The table and bench combination offers plenty of legroom and is ideal for entertaining guests or hosting family events.

Because Duvall & Co. custom designs and builds each table, clients can offer input on the project. If the client is interested in a turned-leg table made from reclaimed wood or a wood species other than the standard maple and black walnut options, the team can make the dream table or a table and bench pair a reality.

The Oliver Turned-Leg Table is a stunning example of the best of farmhouse style interior design. The Spruce, a lifestyle website, describes farmhouse style as “a style that is warm, cozy, relaxing, and full of charm and character while being organized around a central notion of practicality.”

North Carolina has a rich history of farming and agriculture that harmonizes well with a farmhouse aesthetic for a home nestled in the Tar Heel State’s scenic landscape. Our State Magazine, a publication celebrating the best of North Carolina culture, writes, “Farms provide us North Carolinians with a deep-rooted sense of identity. They cultivate our state’s image and give our landscape its texture.”

Those who live in a home that has been in the family for generations may welcome an interior design that hearkens back to the hardy and industrious grandparents who worked off of the land. The key to farmhouse style is having the right blend of sturdiness and sophistication.

Modsy, an online interior design service, highlights some of the characteristics of farmhouse style. “Farmhouse decor is often referred to as a style that seamlessly blends rustic and traditional design elements with old-school vibes and cozy warmth. Even though it seems vintage-ish, farmhouse dining room design can be combined with a modern touch to give it an updated feel….This look, as the name suggests, was inspired by farmhouse design—both internal and external. It borrows design elements from countryside homes—think shiplap, neutral color schemes, rustic materials, and natural textures. Overall, spaces done in a farmhouse style feel warm and cozy…. The key elements of a farmhouse dining room are the foundations—a farmhouse dining table and the right chairs to pair with it.”

A farmhouse style table, such as the Oliver Turned-Leg Table, is a central decor element for farmhouse dining rooms, as well as dining rooms that have a generally rustic feel. Modsy notes that tables made in this style are “typically very rustic and vintage-style and tend to be heavy-duty pieces and are often called the ‘workhorse of dining tables’ and for good reason! They are substantial, solid, and sturdy pieces. It’s not the type of table that gets lost in a dining space, that’s for sure.”

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The team at Duvall & Co. takes great pride in crafting heirloom quality hardwood furniture that clients will enjoy with their families for years and even generations to come. The custom furniture company is dedicated to using only the finest materials — the most exquisite solid hardwoods and the highest-grade commercial finishes. Too many pieces of modern furniture are made from particle board and fiberboard instead of real wood. Duvall & Co. strives to bring real craftsmanship and real wood back into people’s homes by creating magnificent pieces that clients and families will continually fall in love with.

For more information about designing a custom hardwood dining table or bench, contact the Duvall & Co. Design Studio by email at [email protected] or by phone at (919) 819-8377.

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