Wake Forest, NC, Furniture Maker Highlights Its Line of Custom Hardwood Benches

Wake Forest, NC, Furniture Maker Highlights Its Line of Custom Hardwood Benches | Duvall & Co.

Among custom hardwood furniture, benches are pieces of furniture whose design potential should not be overlooked. Tables, desks, and accent tables often receive more attention because they are such central elements of a room. However, while benches may not be the centerpiece of the space, they offer practical benefits and give a room a sense of completion.

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Architectural Digest, an interior design and architecture magazine, notes that benches are “an efficient and elegant way to solve storage problems and create more seating in your home. Often used in dining areas to anchor heavy tables or create a lower focal point, these chair alternatives efficiently add space for more guests without taking away from a sophisticated design aesthetic.”

Duvall & Co., a Wake Forest hardwood furniture maker, designs and builds several different styles of benches. From the functional to the artistic, the team crafts a wide variety of bench styles that will please a wide variety of tastes.

Traditional Four-Leg Bench

Simple and practical, the Traditional Four-Leg Bench has a strong presence. The bench is a minimalistic, geometric design that can lend itself to either a rustic or contemporary aesthetic, depending on the decor of a room.

Traditional Four-Leg Braced Bench

The Traditional Four-Leg Braced Bench has a similar look to the Traditional Four-Leg Bench, with the exception of braces that elevate the bench’s structural integrity. The bench has a neutral style that works well in a variety of design applications.

Traditional Trestle Bench

The Traditional Trestle Bench features two trestle supports with stairstep feet that call to mind classical columns. An excellent addition to a dining room, this bench communicates a sense of resiliency and sophistication.

Oliver Bench

A perfect complementary piece to the Oliver Turned-Leg Table from Duvall & Co., the Oliver Bench is an elegant bench made of maple or black walnut. The sophisticated design of the turned legs is a beautiful feature of this bench. The Oliver Bench is an ideal furniture piece for a rustic, farmhouse-style interior design.

Gabriella Bench

The Gabriella Bench is a companion piece to one of Duvall & Co.’s best-selling dining table models — the Gabriella Trestle Table. The bench’s graceful lines and solid wood block pedestals create a classic design that fits into nearly any style of living space.

Alexandra Bench

Designed to pair with the Alexandra Trestle Table from Duvall & Co., the Alexandra Bench is a modern design that is inspired by the best aspects of the more classic Gabriella design and restyles these aspects to introduce a truly unique look.

High Point Bench

The High Point Trestle Table is Duvall & Co.’s most popular table, and owners of this one-of-kind table design will want the matching High Point Bench to complete their dining room. Ideal for both formal and casual settings, the bench’s natural lines and curves are hand-cut and assembled using masterful joinery.

In addition to the featured bench models, Duvall & Co. can also design and build a custom bench that acts as a standalone piece or a companion piece for the client’s existing table.

The artisans at Duvall & Co. are passionate about their craft and the beautiful hardwoods that they work with at the design and build studio. Exquisite wood specimens, such as maple, black walnut, white oak, and cherry, are transformed into equally magnificent pieces of furniture. Duvall & Co. works with all solid hardwoods, as well as reclaimed barn wood, a medium that is rich in history. Each piece of wood that is used in a custom project is hand-selected for its depth and character. The final product is finished by hand with superior commercial finishes that showcase rather than distract from the wood’s unique grain and color.

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Since each project is custom-built to order, the client has the freedom to request a limitless number of modifications. Understanding and achieving the client’s vision and desires is an integral part of the process. The Duvall & Co. family loves seeing satisfied customers who have fallen in love with their custom hardwood furniture. Because custom pieces from Duvall & Co. are designed to last for generations, clients can look forward to enjoying their furniture for years to come.

For more information about designing a custom hardwood bench, contact the Duvall & Co. Design Studio by phone at (919) 819-8377 or by email at [email protected]