Why a Custom Charcuterie Board is The Perfect Gift for Special Occasions

Why a Custom Charcuterie Board is The Perfect Gift for Special Occasions | Duvall & Co.

What goes on a Charcuterie Board?

A charcuterie board is a meticulously crafted wooden board for arranging cold deli meats, cheese, bread, fruit, crackers, jelly, nuts, and more. It can act as a serving platter for unpackaged snacks, a decorative centerpiece for a table or a unique kitchen item to display in an open cabinet. There are also various occasions where a handmade charcuterie board makes an ideal gift.

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The use and style options of wooden charcuterie boards add endless versatility and practicality to the serving platter. There are also myriad design possibilities for customizing these beautiful pieces at artisans like Duvall & Co., a premier wood-working company for custom charcuterie boards.

Below are four reasons why a custom charcuterie board makes a perfect gift.

Four Special Occasions to Give a Custom Charcuterie Board

1. Take Holiday Hospitality to the Next Level

A custom charcuterie board makes a distinctive holiday gift that leaves a lasting impression on the recipient. The custom design or engravings are specific to the intended person, and there will never be someone else gifting them an identical item.

A charcuterie board is also an unexpected but welcome holiday gift, made even more special with a personal message that the new owner will hold dear. They can use the charcuterie board for hosting future family events or create a focal point with their engraved charcuterie board on display. The message and the board’s exceptional craftsmanship are sure to be an excellent conversation starter.

2. Wedding Gifts that Last a Lifetime

Newlyweds often register for wedding gifts to use at a new home. Kitchen gadgets and appliances are popular, and a charcuterie board is a unique choice to create lasting memories as the spouses enjoy their new lives together.

A large rectangular charcuterie board is perfect for a couple who likes to entertain. The newlyweds can pile the board with delicious meats, fruit, and cheese, as they start hosting events as a married couple. A smaller circular charcuterie board works well for those who appreciate beautiful and unique serving dishes for more intimate gatherings. 

A custom charcuterie board also makes a wonderful heirloom for the couple to pass down many years into the marriage.

3. Closing Gifts For The Start of a Great Story

Many real estate agents participate in the practice of providing clients with a closing gift after a successful property purchase or sale. Realtor gifts are part of an unspoken reward system that shows the agent’s appreciation for their clients. It also encourages positive word-of-mouth interactions to gain new business referrals.

A custom charcuterie board makes a stunning closing gift in that it is a personalized keepsake for the new homeowners. The functional gift is an excellent serving board for guests to the new home, and the client can display it with pride. The real estate agent gains publicity, and the recipient enjoys a beautiful serving piece.

4. Employee Appreciation that Gives Back

Company gifts allow employers to connect with their workforce and show genuine appreciation for a successful collaboration. Personalized gifts are a practical tool for boosting workplace morale, and employees respond well to thoughtful charcuterie boards that they can use for entertaining or gorgeous home or office displays. With a custom board, the company can also include a logo or another unique design to set it apart or make it more meaningful.

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Custom Charcuterie Boards From Duvall & Co.

Custom wooden charcuterie boards make a novel idea for any special occasion. Professional custom wood designers, like Duvall & Co., offer these handcrafted charcuterie boards from high-quality solid hardwoods. 

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