Our Process


Pick up the phone (or send us an email)
Let’s make an appointment at our design studio. We will talk about design, wood species and the perfect dimensions for your space.


Our talented master craftsman will start building your table! 
You will receive an email to confirm dimensions and design. At this time you will also receive different stain samples on the specific wood species you have selected. We want you to see these stain colors in your home with your lighting. 


Need help curating the perfect look for your Duvall & Co. table?
We can recommend a designer.


Every piece of art needs a Signature. 
The signature red on the underside of every Duvall & Co. table is the perfect canvas for you to leave your mark. We invite you to come in with family, friends( furry ones too) to leave your signature!


Your Table is ready for Delivery!
We will call you to set up delivery of your table.

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